Download A Refreshing Dream

Download A Refreshing Dream



A refreshing dream is de Amerikaanse versie van Een prettige Vlucht van Luuc Christiaanse. Hij werd vertaald door AnneClair Venemans en ingesproken door Sam Holland. De muziek is van Michiel Brandes.

Investing in yourself. This download is made specially to learn how to deal with fear ( of flying ). For instance, you want to learn how to deal with fear of flying or the stress related to that fear. These are states of mind we can all recognize within our selves to a larger or lesser extend. Grant yourself two to three weeks to work with this self help program. Like with the first CD in the series, -The Dream-, many people will find it easier to fall asleep and have better nights of sleep. Therefore this CD is also suitable when suffering from jetlag. It is known that people can react subconsciously to things that are not really there, but that may have been linked to a (sub) conscious event. You may feel like eating ice cream when you are walking through a street where you know there used to be an ice cream parlour. Negative memories can also be recalled in this way. This CD provides you with a method that helps you to disconnect negative associations that may have inhibited you for years on a subconscious level, by replacing it with a conscious anchor. It is important for you to know before you start with the exercise, that you will always wake up when you want to. After waking up, take about 15 minutes to really go through your experiences.

Have a nice flight!

  • Against insecurity: as guidance and support with the fear of driving a car, the fear of flying, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, fear of being in an elevator, lack of self esteem, fear of failing, examination fright or as support during pregnancy (relief during contractions)
  • Against stress / tension: as a stress reduction method. Like with superficial breathing, headaches, stomach aches, neck and shoulder complaints.
  • Against jetlag/ disturbed biorhythm/ problems with falling asleep or sleeping through the night.

Idea en text: Luuc Christiaanse. Translation: Anne Claire Venemans Execution: Sam Holland. Music: Michiel Brandes.

For whom is this download intended?

  • For those who are burdened by fear of flying, fear of travelling in a car, or any fear at all.
  • For those who want to fall asleep easily when suffering from jetlag or with an upcoming event like an exam.
  • For those who want to take preventive measures concerning their health by working with their own self healing power.
  • For those who want to solve their health problems like: tension headaches, stress, problems falling asleep, problems sleeping through the night, fear of exams, fear of speaking in public, problems relating to superficial or -high- breathing and as a complementary treatment during pregnancy, giving birth and hyperventilation.
  • For those whose breathing is superficial and restless. Breathing will become more relaxed and deeper by doing the exercises.

When to use this download?

  • The exercises are suitable and intended for individual use and as focussing exercises in groups.
  • The exercises should not be done while driving a car.
  • The exercises are beneficial to your physical and mental health.
  • By practicing the exercises you may reduce fear of flying or even dissolve it altogether.

The effects of using this download

When used for dissolving jetlag: Learning to relax, fall asleep easily and sleep through the night.
When used to dissolve stress and to reduce fear of flying: After having practiced these exercises a number of times on a regular basis you will become more at ease and you will learn to recall these feelings. When you start practicing the exercises you may feel very energetic. Others may feel slow or lazy and this may change from time to time. Whatever happens, look upon it as regaining balance. It means something is taking its course in your system and that is a different experience for everybody. If you experience any other reaction, please let us know.